Angular Dependency Issues

There can be a few things that might be causing the problem.  


Material may not be properly installed. Try executing this line of code in the terminal or cmd

					ng add @angular/material  


The second possible cause would be that you haven’t added this module in “app.module.ts” file  

For that, add the following lines: 

  declarations: [ AppComponent ], 
  imports: [ 


Some other dependency is clashing or missing in your angular project. Try running this line in the terminal: 

					npm i  


One more thing that could cause the problem, would be that the version of your angular cli and material are not the same. They need to be same. First check the version of both by running the following line: 

					ng --version 

Would give something like this:  

Angular CLI Version
Angular CLI Version

They may not need to be the exact same version but in the ballpark. So, in the picture above you can see that both Angular CLI and Material are in version 12.x.x which is good enough. If they are not the same for you, then you could change the material version with the following command.  

					ng add @angular/material@12

You obviously will replace the ’12’ at the end of the command with the version of the angular CLI that you have installed. And then should do the trick.  

That’s all the solutions I have. Hope this resolves your problems. Happy coding!